Where To Buy Firefighter Apparel Online?

A turnout gear or personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters is a very important outfit that they used in their profession. And if ever you are considering on buying an incident gear for yourself and your fire department, then it’s essential to know the basics and where you can purchase these outfits online.

So stick around as we are going to share some details on where to buy firefighter apparel online in today’s post.

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What Comprises A Typical Firefighter Apparel

A basic gear for firefighters usually includes a coat/jacket, pants, helmet, gloves, and boots. But for the sake of this topic, we are going to concentrate only on the structural PPE or bunker gear as these are the types of outfits used by firefighters when responding to fire disasters that happen in houses and buildings.

A typical structural garment for firefighters is made up of 3 layers of protective fabrics:

Outer Shell – The purpose of this fabric is to provide tough and durable protection against flame and extreme heat. Likewise, it serves as a shielding fabric to protect the wearer from physical injuries.

Moisture Barrier – Basically, this layer of fabric keeps away moisture from the body to prevent any steam from forming inside the suit.

Thermal Liner – And lastly, this fabric acts as a protective barrier to keep the wearer away from thermal exposure.

Correct Sizing Of Firefighter’s PPE

Before you buy a set of firefighter apparel for your crew, it is recommended to have a trained member of your team who is capable of getting the correct size of each member to ensure proper fit. This is essential so the gear will maintain its functionality and does not affect the mobility of the wearer, especially in situations when the firefighter needs to bend, kneel, or crawl during firefighting operations.

To be specific, the coat/jacket should be comfortable around the chest area with no restrictions in the shoulders as much as possible. Then, the trousers should also be comfortably worn around the waist and it should not have any premature wear at the cuffs. More importantly, the overall length of the PPE should be just enough for the height of the wearer.

Choosing A Bunker Gear That Meets The Requirement Of Your Department

National standards recommend that a firefighter department must undergo a systematic risk assessment to determine the ideal PPE that they should use. The details of the assessment must include the following:

  • The kind of duties performed by the firefighters
  • The experience of the organization
  • The incident operations
  • The regular usage of ensemble elements
  • The climate and geographical location of the department

Moreover, there should be a balance between the suit’s thermal protection (TPP) and breathability (THL) according to the result of your risk assessment. According to the national standard, the minimum thermal protection is set at 35 while the breathability is at 205. So it’s important to choose a gear that has the correct balance of TPP and THL for your department, provided that it does not exceed the national gear standard for thermal protection and breathability.

Top 3 Online Sites To Buy Firefighter Outfits

Finally, here are our recommended places where you can buy firefighter apparel online:

1. CrewBoss – This company has been protecting first responders of fire incidents since 1988. CrewBoss takes pride in providing quality PPE with legendary toughness and comfort. And their dedicated product designed is focused on customization to meet the garment specifications of the department and innovation which allows them to manufacture tougher and more comfortable apparel and enabled them to create new industry standards for PPE.

Visit their website today and contact their sales team to know more about their firefighter PPE customization process. You can also check out this link from their website if you’re planning to buy quality wildland firefighter gear and station wear without breaking the bank.

 2. TheFireStore – The company resides in Coatesville, PA and is operated by a staff of firefighters, EMTs, policemen, and paramedics who are both active or retired on duty. And this gave them the edge of knowing and understanding the specific needs of firefighters without compromising on quality.

TheFireStore offers quick access to various specialized supplies and equipment from the biggest manufacturers in the industry. And each of their physical stores includes experienced safety professionals who can educate you with the different PPE options that suit your needs.

3. FirestoreOnline – Last but not least, this company was established in 1998 by a firefighter and a paramedic from Florida. And they are dedicated to providing high-quality PPEs at affordable prices with excellent customer service.

FirestoreOnline is also a viable option for your firefighter garment needs as they constantly upgrade their equipment with the latest technologies. Overall, they manufacture products that work, and they conform to the highest standards set by the industry.

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